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The Economist Innovation Summit 2017

As “software eats the world”, in Marc Andreessen’s memorable phrase, it is starting to transform business fundamentals across a broad spectrum of industries that had largely avoided full-blown digital disruption, from manufacturing to agriculture, energy and finance to healthcare. Firms must figure out what are likely to be the sources of their competitive edge in these new data-driven marketplaces. The Economist Events' Innovation Summit will gather editors of The Economist and more than 200 Fortune 500 CEOs, policymakers and disruptive entrepreneurs to share their insights and strategies for successful digital transformation.

Clareo's Robert C. Wolcott will speak on a panel exploring the implications of new customer centricity in industries that have not yet felt the heat of digital disruption, but are about to. Other speakers include Dan Creekmore, group director of Facebook; Lucy Beard, chief executive at Feetz; and Olof Schybergson, chief executive and co-founder of Fjord. 

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