Rio Tinto Case Study

This client is one of the world’s largest natural resource companies by revenues and was planning for a rapidly changing business environment.

What we did for Rio Tinto Clareo provided our client with an independent assessment of the radical change taking place and how they can best invest for the future. The Ecosystem Map served as the foundation to gain a thorough understanding of the strategic landscape, trends, implication and related issues relevant to our client.

How our approach was unique Clareo engaged over a five-month period to conduct an in-depth mapping of the global iron ore ecosystem. We worked together with Rio Tinto to synthesize scenarios developed through future visioning to assess how our client could most effectively grow in the long term.

Result/Benefits Based on our assessment, our client made several major decisions that fundamentally changed their business including how to respond to technology shocks, changes in demand and industry consolidation to name a few.