The Innovation Radar Tool

The Nordic Innovation Centre (NORDEN), part of the Nordic Council of Ministers (the inter-governmental organization of the five Nordic countries), was looking for ways to spur innovation in the region.

How we helped NORDEN Clareo worked with the Nordic Innovation Centre to create a pilot program encompassing nine companies ranging from large global players to small Internet and nanotechnology startups. Clareo designed the interview guide and developed a survey program to gather information and perspectives.

The project incorporated a methodology called, The Innovation Radar, which was created at the Kellogg School of Management. The Radar is a powerful tool for assessing an organization’s innovation efforts across offerings, customers, processes and channels.

How our approach was unique In a true collaborative effort, Clareo and the Nordic Innovation Centre generated an Innovation Radar Profile for each company, which was used to explore the different ways to enhance individual company’s innovation strategies. The Innovation Radar process created an innovation profile of each company, its competitors and helped frame the question, “How should we innovate?”

Results/Next Steps The pilot has proved so successful that the Nordic Innovation Centre and the leading national Nordic innovation agencies have selected the Innovation Radar as a critical tool for enhancing innovation throughout the Nordic region, applying it with over 100 companies to date.