Vendor Selection Project

Kraft desired a more strategic approach to selecting and collaborating with suppliers. Clareo provided a comprehensive supplier diagnostic and relationship improvement process that bridged the company’s twin objectives of innovation and bottom line results.

What we did for Kraft

— Created a structured approach for the company to evaluate and rate packaging and ingredient suppliers — Assessed suppliers based on degree of innovativeness and ability to contribute to innovation at Kraft — Developed spreadsheet-based tool and survey website to collect and analyze supplier ratings

How our approach was unique

— Integrated a disciplined methodology for surveying supplier performance — Methodology was grounded in rigorous approaches to survey design and analysis — Diagnostic included an analysis of suppliers’ innovation potential


—  Dramatically altered Kraft’s process for evaluating and retaining suppliers —  Created a competitive edge for Kraft by building a two-way innovation channel with suppliers —  Initial success with packaging suppliers led Kraft to follow-up with ratings tool for ingredient suppliers