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Investing is no longer just about turning a profit. Entrepreneurs and investors alike are seeking growth through responsible, sustainable methods that have positive social impact. At this year's GCVI Summit in Sonoma, our Scott Bowman and Ira Ehrenpreis, founder and managing partner of DBL Partners and a board member of Tesla, discuss the rise of impact investing and how it can create new growth opportunities while helping companies retain their social license to operate.

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The revolutionary Santa Fe Institute, the hub for researchers that has produced foundational work in nearly every field imaginable, is coveted for its culture of exploration, curiosity and rigor. In a new piece for HBR.org & an accompanying video, Robert Wolcott interviews evolutionary geneticist and director of SFI, David Krakauer, to find out how he built such a wildly creative, highly effective organization and comes away with six key insights that leaders can apply to any organization. 

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The role of the Chief Marketing Officer is in rapid transition. To elevate and strengthen this role in global organizations, Clareo created the CMO Forum. This select group of global CMOs convenes twice a year to discuss pressing issues they face, and come away with actionable insights for their organizations. 

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The electric utility industry is being disrupted, and utility companies must rethink the way they approach innovation in order to adapt. In our latest white paper, Clareo Partner Paul Donnellan describes how utility companies are adopting new approaches to innovation to adapt and thrive in today's world of distributed energy resources and renewable energy mandates.

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Corporate venturing has the potential to be a powerful driver of new innovation, and will become an imperative for firms that don't want to be left behind in the next wave of innovation. In his latest white paperScott Bowman shares approaches and venturing units that are catalyzing innovation and having incredible impact for their firms.

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Many companies struggle to fund innovation when it is most needed. Achieving radical efficiency gains offers a way out of this paradox, but is often overlooked despite the potential for great returns. In a new white paper, Clareo Partners Satish Rao and Peter Bryant describe how to identify and implement successful programs.

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