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Kellogg School professor Robert Wolcott introduced "The Now! Economy" at KIN Global 2015. In this video, he discusses how the convergence of many emerging technologies is disrupting value chains and transforming customer expectations across industries.

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Kellogg School professors Robert Wolcott and Andrew Razeghi have been exploring big shifts in the marketplace. An important change they identified is that more products and services will be produced and provided at the time and place they are required—and the pace of that change is accelerating rapidly. Indeed, established supply chains are already being disrupted, shifting who captures value.

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Mining is the lifeblood of the global economy, yet many of the industry’s core practices have gone largely unchanged for decades. The Mining Company of the Future is a vision to lead mining innovation that will expose new technologies and sustainable practices, ensuring that the industry continues to meet demand in a rapidly evolving world.

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