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The electric utility industry is being disrupted, and utility companies must rethink the way they approach innovation in order to adapt. In our latest white paper, Clareo Partner Paul Donnellan describes how utility companies are adopting new approaches to innovation to adapt and thrive in today's world of distributed energy resources and renewable energy mandates.

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The most innovative technology-driven companies are leveraging transitional business platforms to become leaders in their industries. Clareo Partner Robert Wolcott describes this concept in Harvard Business Review's newest Insight Center, "The Platform Economy," and identifies what distinguishes these platforms from traditional models.

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Many companies struggle to fund innovation when it is most needed. Achieving radical efficiency gains offers a way out of this paradox, but is often overlooked despite the potential for great returns. In a new white paper, Clareo Partners Satish Rao and Peter Bryant describe how to identify and implement successful programs.

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Clareo Partner Scott Bowman reflects on his journey to South Sudan with Health eVillages and Partners in Compassionate Care, identifies parallels between their work and that of corporate innovation leaders, and shares his key principles of leading innovation in radically new areas. 

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Defining the Role of the CMO                                                     

The role of the Chief Marketing Officer is in rapid transition. To elevate and strengthen this role in global organizations, Clareo created the CMO Forum. This select group of global CMOs convenes twice a year to discuss pressing issues they face, and come away with actionable insights for their organizations. 

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With the mining industry at a crossroads, Clareo Partner Peter Bryant engaged the Vatican and other faith-based organizations in a co-led, breakthrough initiative to build bridges and outline a new path for mining that includes a broader purpose. In this article, he gives insight into building successful coalitions and creating change at scale in even the most traditional industries.

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